Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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This is a very known short story of the Egyptian folklore.

   Once upon a time, there was a poor man, Ali Baba. Ali Baba had a very rich brother whose name was “Qasem” . Qassem was a very known merchant who lived in prosperity and welfare. Qasem did not care for his brother’s miserable life’s. Qasem had a female servant who was always caring for Ali Baba.

   One day, Ali Baba went on a work journey. When darkness came over, he had to spend the night at a mountain. At this moment, Ali Baba saw a group of thieves trying to get in a cave , and he heard them saying open sesame…”. The cave opened, and the thieves got in. Moments later , that group of thieves came out with a lot of gold.

   Afterwards, Ali Baba went to the cave and said “open sesame..”. the gate opened and Ali Baba got in and got a lot of gold. His life completely changed. Ali Baba sent “Morjana”, Qasem’s servant, to bring the scales to weigh the gold. Qasem’s wife entertained doubt, so she attached honey to the scales. when Morjana came back to Qasem’s house, Qasem’s wife found a coin of gold stuck to the scales. She told her husband, and Qasem decided to watch Ali Baba to discover what was going on.

    Qasem discovered the secret of the cave and got into it. He began to collect everything he found as he was very greedy. Surprisingly, the thieves got into the cave and caught him. Qasem told them that his brother, Ali Baba, had come to the cave before and got a lot of gold. They struck a bargain that they would go to Ali Baba incognito as merchants.

  They went to Ali Baba accompanying presents to him, and these presents were forty containers of oil. These containers actually were containers of 40 thieves. Ali baba’s servant told him about the thieves, so he ordered all of his servants to put big stones on each of these containers. The thieves were trapped, and he punished Qasem. Days after, Ali Baba announced that he got married t Morjana and then they live happily together.

   So, my kids, this short story teaches us we should not be greedy and we must be good, kind and loyal to our brothers.

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