Anter and Abla

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The Most Memorable Love Story

         Anter Ben Shaddad was one of the most famous Arab poets and knights pre-Islam. We, taleshome. come, trying to focus on a side of his life, especially his love affairs. This is one of the short stories that reflect the life of Arab knights and poets during the far periods of Arabs.

    Anter was born as a slave, and known for his strength and bravery. His father denied his parenthood to Anter. His father treated him so badly. Anter was not persecuted only by his father, but also by his step-mother.

   When Anter grew up, he became one of the bravest knights and his father became proud of him. Anter fell in love with his female cousin ,Abla. One day, he went to propose to her, but her father refused his proposal. Her father required that Anter had to bring 1000 camels of Alnoaman’s (kind of camels that were owned by Alnoaman, the king of Yemen then).

Afterwards, Anter went on this trip to Yemen to get the dowry for his beloved, Abla. He faced various troubles and difficulties on his journey. When he arrived at Alnoaman’s palace, he was taken a hostage. The king told him that” I would give you what you want, but you have to show your loyalty and bravery and defense our kingdom for some of time”. Anter accepted as he was ready to do anything for getting the camels for Alba’s father.

   Anter became a knight for Alnoaman’s army, and proved his courage and loyalty to him. Alnoaman decided to reward him, therefore he gave him 100 camels and allowed him to return home. When Anter was back, Abla’s father went back on his promise to Anter and refused him as a husband to his daughter. He obliged his daughter to marry another knight of their tribe.

 Anter was loyal to Abla and did not love or marry anybody else until he died.

Researchers’ opinions vary from one to another about the end of this love story. Some confirm that Anter lived on his memories and his love to Abla until he died. The others confirm that they managed to get married at the end. What we are sure about is that this is one of the most memorable love stories, and one of the short stories that are loved by all of Arabs.

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