Best 4 stories For kids this year

Best 4 stories For kids this year

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The Prankster Farmer

Once upon a time, there was a tricky farmer who sold the water well on his land to his neighbor for a lot of money. The next day when the farmer who bought the well wanted to have some of the water, the deceiver came and said to him: “Get out of here man! I sold you the well but I did not sell you the existing water in it”.

The man was shocked by what he heard. After many attempts to convince him that the well and the water in it were coming together, he went to the judge to complain about the deceiving farmer. The judge heard the story and ordered the deceiving man to come, then asked him to give the man his well but he refused, so the judge said to him: “Well, If the water is for you and the well is for your neighbor, then get up and get out the water from his well!”. Prankster went mad and knew that what goes around ALWAYS comes around.

The Golden Hen 

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and his wife who owned a beautiful golden-colored hen on their farm. Everyday this hen lay a golden egg that they used to sell it and buy their needs. One day, this farmer had an idea. He thought that he would slaughter the chicken to get all the golden eggs from her belly and then he would have a lot of Money. The farmer told his wife what he intended, and she tried to advise him not to do that but that he did not listen to her.

The farmer prepared the knife and cut the belly of the hen to get the golden eggs he imagined BUT he found nothing and it was empty inside. He and his wife sored for what they did and knew that they lost their only living source in life.

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The Lion King of the Jungle and the Little Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a lion, king of the jungle and its strongest inhabitant, was asleep one day, when a small mouse living in the same jungle started running around and jumping over him and making noisy sounds, disturbing the lion’s sleep and wanting him to wake up. When the lion rose from his sleep, he was angry, placing his huge fist over the mouse, and snarl. He opened his mouth intending to swallow the little mouse with a single mouthful, then the mouse shouted at him with a voice trembling with fear, hoping that the lion forgives him.” Likewise, gentle lion, who knows? Perhaps I can return your favor at some point “.

The lion laughed at the mouse, saying, ” What a small mouse like you could do to a great lion like me? How can you help me and I am the lion king of the jungle and you, little weak mouse? “. The Lion decided to release the mouse just because he made him laugh. He raised his fist and let him go. Days passed over that incident until some hunters who were wandering in the woods caught the lion and tied it to the trunk of a tree. Then they set out to bring a cart to take the lion to the zoo, and when the hunters were absent looking for the carriage, the little mouse came across by the tree that the lion was tied to, to see the lion fell into an inevitable situation. The little mouse nibbled the ropes that the hunters used to capture the lion until he cut all the ropes.

The mouse set the lion free, then the mouse walked proudly afterwards and said happily: “Yes, I was right, A little mouse could help a great lion like you, because a person is measured by his actions, not by his size”.


Once upon a time, there were two small delicate birds living in a spot of the land of Hijaz, where very hot and little water, and one day while they were having a conversation and complaining to each other about how difficult their lives were, a refreshing wind breeze came from the land of Yemen. The two beautiful birds felt so happy because of the winds and started dancing. When the wind saw the two birds standing on a simple branch of a single tree in the region, she was amazed at their matter and said: “You two beautiful birds, I wonder for you, so how can you with this goodness and this tenderness live in a wasteland like this? If you wish I can carry you with me to Yemen where I come from, there is a fresh cold water, it tastes more delicious than honey, cereals almost taste the sweetness of sugar to be, if you take my advice, I will carry you and I promise you to be there within a very short time, what do you think? ” The smartest bird between the two rose up and answered with insight and intuition: “Oh, breeze of, you travel every day from place to place, and you move from land to land, and this makes you not aware of the meaning that one of us has a homeland that one loves, so please leave, we will not exchange a land even it was a paradise by our homeland, however the atmosphere was harsh and food was few.

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