Joha and the Judge

Joha was a man known for fun making, telling quirks and funny short stories during the rule of the Umayyad state. He was very witty and people loved listening to his short stories.   One day, Joha was walking through the market, a man slapped him suddenly on his face. Joha got furious, and was […]

Hasan the Hero

(El Shater Hasan) A tale of Egyptian Pop Heritage         Once upon a time, there was a very brave guy whose name was “Hasan”. He was known among his people for his courage and professionalism in hunting. However, he was very poor. One day, while Hasan was walking, he met a very beautiful girl in […]

Juha and the Donkey

     This is another story of Juha’s funny short stories and quirks.   One day, Juha went to the market to buy a donkey. He liked a very quiet donkey standing beside a corner. He argued the seller about the price of this donkey, and then they reached the deal. juha took the donkey happily. […]

Alaa Eldin and the Magical Lamp

This is one of the short stories of the Arab folklore.   Once upon a time, there was a very poor guy, Alaa el din. He had an uncle who was selfish and did not care for his nephew. Alaa Eldin went with his uncle to search for treasure. When they arrived, his uncle asked […]

Urwa and Afraa (A story of Platonic Love)

This is a story from pre-Islam era. It tells a melancholic love story. It’s a story of love and sacrifice. The main characters are Urwa, Afraa (the woman he loves), and his uncle (Afraa’s father). Urwa lived with his uncle. Urwa and Afraa grew up together and loved each other since childhood. After many years, […]

The Four Brothers and the Old Box

One of the Old Arab Short Stories This is one of the short stories that represent wisdom of Arabs. Once upon a time, there was a very old Sheikh who had four sons. This sheikh was so sick and felt he was going to die very soon. He ordered his servant to get four boxes […]