The Drummer

You do not know how to get your daily short stories for your kids? is offering you a huge number of special and unique short stories to entertain not only your kids, but also all of you. Far years ago, there was an honest merchant, Mansour. All of people of his village loved to […]

The Adventurous Fish

   Beneath the far deep ocean, there was a little fish, Dody. She loved to go on adventures, and this made her mother worry. The little fish was always wishing to meet the human beings. Her mom warned her it would be dangerous to go near the human beings’ ships. All of her fish friends […]

Juha, the Teacher of the King’s Donkey

  Juha insists on making us laugh through telling his special short stories. He seems to intend to make such funny jokes and short stories., presents another one of them for all of you.    Once upon a time, there was a very arrogant king, who had a lot of servants and assistants. This […]

Anter and Abla

The Most Memorable Love Story          Anter Ben Shaddad was one of the most famous Arab poets and knights pre-Islam. We, taleshome. come, trying to focus on a side of his life, especially his love affairs. This is one of the short stories that reflect the life of Arab knights and poets during the far […]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This is a very known short story of the Egyptian folklore.    Once upon a time, there was a poor man, Ali Baba. Ali Baba had a very rich brother whose name was “Qasem” . Qassem was a very known merchant who lived in prosperity and welfare. Qasem did not care for his brother’s miserable […]

The Rabbit and Carrots

My mother used to tell me the story of “the rabbit”, and I always enjoyed it and never got bored. This story tells about that we should obey our mother because she knows and cares more than we do. This story tells that: Once upon a time in the far away forest, there was a […]

The Naughty Ant

Bella was a very active ant .she was naughty and did not obey her ”queen” orders .The queen ordered Bella not to come back late , but Bella did not care about what the queen said . One day, it was stormy and very cold ,therefore the queen ordered all of the ants of her […]

Three lovely Short stories

We,, keep sharing lovely and amusing short stories that are suitable for elders and children. Today, we’re going to tell you three different short stories. Juha and the passer-by: The funny short stories and jokes of juha are not stoppable. One day, a passer-by knocked on the door of juha’s house. He asked juha […]

The two sisters

This is a short folklore story. It is a tale of two sisters; one is a good girl and the other is naughty. The main characters are Kout El-kloub, Enad, and the stepmother.  Once upon a time, there was a widower hunter. He had a daughter named Kout El-kloub. After his wife’s death, the hunter […]

The Three Goats

Once upon a time, there were three small goats which lived happily with their mum. The eldest goat was known as “Linda” , and the middle one was “Tilda” and the youngest was ”Hinda”. One day, their mum decided to go to the market to buy sweets, candies and fruits for her daughters. Before leaving, […]