Joha and the Judge

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Joha was a man known for fun making, telling quirks and funny short stories during the rule of the Umayyad state. He was very witty and people loved listening to his short stories.

  One day, Joha was walking through the market, a man slapped him suddenly on his face. Joha got furious, and was about to fight with the man. This person apologized for Joha as he thought Joha someone else he knew. Joha refused his apology and insisted on going to the court. moments later, they arrived at the court. The judge of this court was one of the culprit’s relatives. The judge gave the man a wink to calm down.

     The judge issued that the guilty man had to pay 40 Dinars as a fine. However, the judge told his relative to go home and bring the money. He wanted to save him and deceive Joha. Hours passed and the guilty man did not come back.  Joha felt that the judge deceived him. At this moment, Joha got u and rushed towards the judge and slapped him on the face. The slap was so strong and made the judge’s Emama (turban) fall. Joha said sarcastically” if the opponent came back with the money, take them for you immediately”.

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