Juha, the Teacher of the King’s Donkey

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  Juha insists on making us laugh through telling his special short stories.

He seems to intend to make such funny jokes and short stories.

Taleshome.com, presents another one of them for all of you.

   Once upon a time, there was a very arrogant king, who had a lot of servants and assistants. This king had a little donkey which he loved too much. He wanted to teach it reading and writing. He declared that he wanted a very good teacher for his donkey, and this teacher would be given a lot of money if he taught the donkey well. However, if he did not succeed in teaching the donkey, he would die.

  Days later, a lot of applicants applied for this job. They wanted to get the money, but all of them failed to teach the donkey, and all of them were sent to death. Moments later, Juha was walking towards the palace wondering how fool the king was.

  When Juha arrived at the palace, he met the king and told him he was ready to teach the donkey. However, he put a condition that the king had to give Juha hundred years to teach the donkey well. The king accepted at once. Then, Juha went with the donkey to his family happily. Juha was laughing so loudly saying” what a fool king! Donkeys live for just 30 years, and donkeys cannot learn reading or writing. It will die before 100 years pass. If it does not die, the king will die for sure. If both of them will not die, I will die!”.

This was the way he used to solve this matter. He decided to use this donkey for serving him and his family.

How smart Juha was! He entertained us in his short stories with his intelligence and sense of humor

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