Salah El Deen Al –Ayyubi

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   Who is Salah Al Deen ?

  Salah Al Deen is a very famous historic figure. He was a military hero who established the “Ayyubid” state in Egypt, Hijaz (Saudi Arabia and Yemen now) and The Levant (Syria, Lebanon and Palestine). He was born in Iraq. when Salah grew up ,he made a lot of historical achievements. I am going to tell you a short story happened during the crusades.

   Once upon a time, and during liberation of Al-Quds a woman came to Salah Al-Deen crying .She told him that one of his soldiers kidnapped her little son. Salah Al Deen got up immediately and went out to talk to his soldiers. He said that” thanks to Allah (God), we have liberated Al Quds, but I’m very angry as one of you has disobeyed Allah’s orders and kidnapped a little boy from this helpless woman. I ask this soldier to come back to his mind and set this boy free , or I am going to stand still beneath the sun’s heat all the day .”

     After an hour, a number of soldiers came with the little boy. Salah Al- Deen hugged him and gave him back to his mother. Salah Al -Deen started weeping  and said” we are not cruel as you always think .we ,The Muslims, are tolerant and very kind because Allah ordered us to be like this ,and this is Islam . Our slogan is tolerance and peace, always. Go back to your people and tell them the truth of Islam and Muslims “. The woman cried and thanked Salah A-lDeen for his nobility, and went back to her people happy telling them how Salah Al-Deen was very kind to her and to her son.

  This short story shows how Salah Al Deen was a great hero. He gives the world the perfect model of the good Muslim leader. He managed to deliver the right image of Islam to the whole world.

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