The Adventurous Fish

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   Beneath the far deep ocean, there was a little fish, Dody. She loved to go on adventures, and this made her mother worry. The little fish was always wishing to meet the human beings. Her mom warned her it would be dangerous to go near the human beings’ ships. All of her fish friends also warned her, but she insisted on going to discover the ocean and meet the humans.

     Next day, Dody went far away from the bay she was living in. she was diving towards the huge ship, and she was excited. Suddenly, the ship moved leaving the ocean. Dody shouted” hey ..wait for not leave “, but the ship disappeared. Dody felt lonely, lost and started to cry. Moments later, she decided to go back home, but she was lost and did not know how to go home.

     Dody began swimming until she found an octopus. She asked him”do you know where is my home?”, but the octopus ignored her. Then, she went to ask jellyfish, but they also did not reply. Dody felt scared and frightened as no one wanted to help her. suddenly, the water around was shaking, and huge numbers of fish began to shout and run away. There were giant sharks attacking the fish.

      A big shark tried to catch Dody , but she managed to hide among some rocks. Later, the sharks left and Dody came out. She swam rapidly without knowing where to go. Hours later, she found her in a familiar place, it was her home. she cheered up, and rushed towards her mom. She did not know how she was saved. Dody apologized for her mom and her family and decided not to go on adventures anymore.

This one of the short stories that tell our children that they should obey parents and consider their warnings and opinions.

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