The Drummer

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Far years ago, there was an honest merchant, Mansour. All of people of his village loved to work with him as he knew the meaning of honesty well, and never deceived anyone. Mansour used to trade in the precious and good cargos, therefore he got unlimited numbers of customers. However, the life was not perfect, as all the other merchants were envious of Mansour and wished to hurt him.

One day, a stranger came at the market and stopped at Mansour’s shop. He started touching the silk cloth showing his admiration towards Mansour’s fine cargos. He told Mansour” I’m a merchant like you, I want to buy lot from you, but I do not have money right now. Could you come with me to my village to give you your money?”. Mansour allowed him to take what he wanted and did not ask him for money. The strange took the finest cloth at Mansour’s shop, and thanked him before leaving.

After a few months, Mansour traveled to the stranger’s village to see how he was. Mansour faced a long and hard journey until he reached the village. When he arrived, he found a big shop full of different types of cloth. This shop was the stranger’s shop. Mansour came in, but the stranger denied that he knew Mansour.

Mansour did not leave the shop, and insisted on knowing the owner of this shop. However, the owner called for his workers and ordered them to throw him out. moments later, Mansour walked in the streets disappointed and sad for the stranger’s evil behavior.

Afterwards, Mansour felt exhausted and went to a small hotel to sleep in. when it was midnight, Mansour wake up disturbed by the noise of drumming. He asked the servant of the hotel about this noise, he told Mansour that “when someone dies, drumming invades all of the streets of the village. When the king dies, the drums will be beaten for 20 times”. At this moment, Mansour got a brilliant idea.

Mansour went to the drummer and asked him to beat the drum for 30 times, and gave him a lot of money. Then, all of people were shocked and came out into the streets to know what was going on. When the king heard about what was going on, he called for Mansour and asked to explain why he did so. Mansour told him” when the king dies the drummer is beaten 20 times. What about the death of honesty!”, and told him about the stranger who did not repay his debt. The king admired Mansour’s wisdom and intelligence, and decided to punish the stranger and repay Mansour’s debt.

This is one of the loveliest short stories that deliver the notion of being honest with the others.

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