The king and his shoes

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The king and his shoes:

This short story that tells about inventing shoes for the first time.

once upon a time, a well-known king decided to go on a long journey. When he came back, he found his feet swollen and began to feel huge pain. Then, the king ordered his men to cover the ground with leather to protect his feet. One of his soldiers suggested an intelligent idea that left the king amazed. His men suggested” your highness, I have another idea, what would you think about making shoes from leather for your feet? The king got pleased with this soldier, and ordered his men to reward him and start making shoes at once.

The blind poor man:

This story tells about kindness and mercy, and we always feel the others ‘pain.

One day, there was a blind man who settled in the streets. The blind man put a banner beside him and wrote on it” help me please, I’m blind”. At this moment, a man passed-by and stood in front of this banner, then he picked a pen out and wrote” we’re in spring season but I cannot see its beauty” and gave him a lot of money.

The Eagle:

This story that teaches everyone to be themselves and not any other persons. Always be ambitious, and never low your dreams.

Once upon a time, there was an old eagle that lived on a mountain. This eagle had 4 eggs that were about to hatch. One day, an earthquake happened and the mountain collapsed and one of the eggs slipped down. A group of hens found this egg, and decided to take care of it until it hatched. The egg hatched and a baby eagle. The hens began to teach him how to be a baby chick. The baby eagle began to eat with chicks and play with them, and forgot he was an eagle not a bay chick. One day, the baby eagle saw some eagles flying in the sky, and he wished he could fly like them. When the hens heard his wish, they laughed and made fun of him. However, the eagles insisted on earning to fly, and he began to teach himself how to fly. Months later, he became professional in flying. He decided to leave and live with the eagles to achieve his dream as a professional eagle.

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