The King and His Three Ministers

The King and His Three Ministers

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Arab legacy is full of a lot of short stories and interesting tales. We,, are keen on sharing these stories with all of you whatever your age or sex is .

    One day in a faraway kingdom there was a very loyal, fair and honest king. He asked his three ministers to take a bag and go to the garden of the palace and collect different types of tasty fruits. He confirmed that each one had to do this mission on his own and without any help from the others. The three ministers went on their way. 

     The first minister was caring about the king’s orders and wishes, therefore he picked up the finest fruits in the garden. On the other hand, the second minister did not show any respect to his king so he chose the worst and the rotten fruits of the garden. The third one thought that his king would not look at what the bag was containing, and began to pick up huge amount of grass and leaves and put all of them in his bag.

    Next day, the king ordered the three to come with their bags and meet him. When they came at the palace, the king ordered his guards to take the three ministers and put them with their bags in solitary confinement for three months. The king did this for reason as he was fair and he knew what he was doing very well. He wanted to give them a specific lesson.

    The first minister began to eat and live on the fruits he collected until the period of three months was over. The second one did not know what to eat except the rotten fruits he collected. The third minister did not find anything to eat as his bag contained leaves only, therefore he was starving. The king decided to forgive them and allowed them to go out. 

   When they came out, he told them that” I forgive both of you and I thank my honest minister who collected the finest fruits. These fruits reflect your inner intentions. When you have a pure intention, your action will be good and become as a guard protecting you. However, when your intention is evil, you are hurting yourself that way”. The king fired the two bad ministers and made his good and loyal minister a vice for the king.

This is one of the short stories that teach us to have good intention to be protectd by our good actions.

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