The Liar King

The Liar King

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It is another story of the old heritage’s short stories.
In a faraway kingdom, there was a big liar king who used to tell lies everywhere and anytime. Days passed, and he never stopped lying. He told lies in a very cunning way to convince his people. However, he began to feel bored as he did not have any new lies, and his known lies became repeated.

Then, the king decided to hold a competition for the best and creative lies. He declared that there would be a reward for the winner but he did not define or specify what the reward was. Days later, the competition was on, and all of the people of the kingdom crowded to watch. The first competitor came and told his lie, but the king made fun of him as he could not tell a lie, but it was just a funny short story.
Moments later, the second one came and told his lie “yesterday, I saw goats hatching eggs instead of baby goats. Then, one of these eggs hatched a huge camel”. When the king heard that, he said” you man, Get lost. It is just one of your silly short stories. It has no any kind of lies”.

Minutes later, another man with shining eyes came and told the king “excuse me your highness. I would like to inform you that your father had taken a lot of gold from my father as a debt, years ago”. The king wondered and amazed. The man continued “if I were a liar, give me the reward, and if I am telling the truth, repay my father’s gold”.

The king admired the man’ professionality in lying. The king was thinking and talking to himself” what a man! He is a big liar, but he will never be superior to his king”. The king told him he deserved the reward.

The king ordered the guards to bring a box to give it to the man as a reward. However, the king did not declare what that box contained. The man rushed happily to receive the box. The man was shocked when he opened that box, as it was full of stones not money or gold! The king kept laughing very loudly” you are an intelligent liar, but I am more intelligent than you”.

This one of the shot stories that show that when one used to lie, he cannot overcome that habit.
Wait for more stories.

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