The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack – short stories

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Woodsmen short stories are common in Arab literary legacy. These short stories are featured with a noble touch. loves to share this kind of stories with all of you. Enjoy reading.

Once upon a time in a faraway village, there was a very hard-working woodsman. Every morning, he used to wake up early and go to the near forest to cut and get bunch of wood to sell them at the market. He used to do that to earn his living and feed his family. Next day morning, he went to the forest and began cutting wood, and at this moment a passerby came and told him to stop cutting as it was making noise. The woodsman refused to listen to him as cutting wood is his living source.

This man told him that” if you stop cutting wood, I will give you an ewe that gives you milk and honey.”, the woodsman accepted at once. He went back home with the ewe. When he arrived, he told his wife the whole story and she found that the stranger was right as the ewe gave her honey and milk. Next day, the woodsman took the ewe and gave it to the shepherd of the village, and told him the fact about this ewe. The woodsman warned the shepherd not to be greedy, and the shepherd promised to take care of it.

After the woodsman left, the shepherd milked the ewe and was surprised when he found milk and honey. He became greedy and decided taking this ewe for himself, and got another one looked like the original. When the woodsman’s wife came to milk the ewe, she found it did not give honey, therefore she rushed and told her husband. The woodsman went to the shepherd and asked to give him back the original ewe, but the shepherd told him that this was the only ewe he had.

Days after, the woodsman went to the forest to cut wood. The passer-by appeared once again and told the woodman” Did not I give you an ewe to stop cutting wood?”, and the woodman answered “My ewe was stolen and I have to cut wood”. The passer-by gave him a measure and told him that it would bring him a lot of gold. The woodman and his wife got a lot of gold each time they hit the measure they were given. Week later, their neighbors knew the secret of this measure and managed to steal it.

The woodsman felt helpless, and went back to the forest to cut wood. The passerby got angry , but he gave the woodman another chance. He gave him a whip and told him” put this whip in a room and close its door well. Aske the whip to fill the room with gold do not open the door until the room is full of gold”. The woodsman went back home and did as the passerby told him. Suddenly, a giant appeared and began to bat him severely. When his wife heard him shouting, she opened the door and rushes towards him. He told her to get rid of this whip at once. At this moment, she got a brilliant idea and told the woodman” wait a moment! You could go to the shepherd and give him this whip assuring that it would give him a lot of gold”. He husband was amazed as she was very intelligent, and rushed to the shepherd.

The greedy shepherd accepted the whip and followed the steps the woodman talked about. The giant appeared and punished him in a very harsh way ordering him to give the woodman his ewe back. The shepherd returned the ewe to its owner and promised not to be greedy anymore.

This is one of the short stories that teach us not to be greedy and be satisfied with what we have.

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