The Magical Handkerchief

The Magical Handkerchief

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The oriental short stories have no limits. Our website would like to share such short stories with you to entertain you.
Once upon a time, there was a very kind farmer who lived with his wife and five sons. Farming was the only resource of his living. The farmer kept waiting for the rain falling, but in vain. He was depressed and decided to stay at home.

His wife told him not to be sad and go and search for another source of living but the farmer did not listen to her. Days later, the farmer decided to go out and search for his living in another place. He started his journey until he arrived at luxurious palace. The farmer kept starring at this wonderful palace, at this moment the guard of the palace saw him. He ran towards him, and asked the farmer “who are you? and what are you doing here?”.

The farmer told him he wanted to meet the king. The king heard the conversation between the guard and the farmer, and called for the farmer. The farmer told him about his short story and how he could not find work. The king told him he did not need more workers and he had to leave his palace. At this moment, the farmer got a cunning idea, and told the king that he had got a magical handkerchief and the king had to give him gold for the weight of that handkerchief. The king laughed loudly and accepted that challenge.

Afterwards, the farmer started cutting rocks and worked hard. Each time the farmer was sweating, he used his handkerchief to wipe his face. When the end of the week came, the king took the handkerchief and weighed it. The king was astonished as the handkerchief weighed 10 Dinars. He was about to believe that it was a magical handkerchief. Then, the farmer kept working harder and harder, and each time the handkerchief weighed more and more.

The king decided to punish the farmer for using the magic. However, the farmer denied using any kind of magic at his work. The king ordered him to tell him the truth behind his story. The farmer replied with a smile on his lips” I’ll tell you the truth, your highness. The fact is that when the man works hard and faithfully, he gets much more than he can imagine.” The king was pleased with him and with his honesty and faith, and decided to reward him.

The farmer thanked the king and went back to his family with his money.

This is one of the short stories that direct us towards being hard-working and faithful.
Wait for more short stories!

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