The Mean Man

The Mean Man

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(Short Stories from the Orient)
This is one of the short stories that teach us to avoid the bad qualities such as stinginess.

In a faraway village, there was a very mean man who was caring a lot about his savings. One day, he decided to leave his village to avoid people’s asking for money. Days after, he reached a village that was known for its generous people. He pretended to be a very poor man who had no money. They sympathized with him and began to give him money, and even they gave him clothes and food.
Next day, the people were surprised that the man closed the lock of his door. They found that he got a new goat and he did not want anyone to know. Some of people began to doubt that he was a rich man and was deceiving them. However, most of people kept their sympathy towards him and gave him more money and food.

One day, a thirsty and lost knight came near to the village. He was exhausted, and almost fainted. Moments later, He found a lonely house and walked to it. This house was the mean man’s residence, the man told him” I do not have anything to give you. get lost man!”
The knight was shocked, and he pulled his horse and got in the middle of the village. The people of the village welcomed him and brought him food, drink and a shelter to sleep in. Next morning, the knight thanked the people and left the village. The knight wanted to repay this debt to the village’s people, so he ordered his servants to deliver a lot of different presents to the village. The people were amazed about the knight’s generosity. Days later, the people of village were sent an invitation to the king’s palace. When they arrived, they discovered that the king is the same knight who came to their village.

While they were chatting, and having food, the king heard someone’s voice crying outside. The king’s guard came and told him that “there is a man outside crying and wants to meet your highness”. The king called for him, and when he came in the king knew him. He asked why he was crying. The man replied” the people of the village took all what I have, and bring them to you as gifts and present. now, I do not have anything “. When the king heard that, he and all the visitors burst into laughing. The king told the man” this is an expected result of your greed and miserliness”, and all of them kept laughing.

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