The Naughty Ant

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Bella was a very active ant .she was naughty and did not obey her ”queen” orders .The queen ordered Bella not to come back late , but Bella did not care about what the queen said . One day, it was stormy and very cold ,therefore the queen ordered all of the ants of her kingdom to come back before the sunset . Bella did not care as usual and did not come back to the kingdom . The queen ordered the guards to shut the gates , and at this moment Bella came before the gates. The guards refused to open the gate obeying their queen.

Bella started walking in the dark street , it was raining heavily and the wind was so strong . She was scared and started weeping .She thought she would die . The queen was watching Bella from her window and decided to forgive Bella . she ordered the guards to open the gate and gave Bella the permission to come in . Bella rushed toward the queen’s hug weeping and said :

-Forgive me ma queen.

-The queen: forgive you my sweetie , I am your mom not your queen. i did that to teach you that you should obey the elders because they know much more than  you do.

-Bella: I will never do this again.

Bella was taught a lesson and decided to obey the queen ,always. She lived happily with the queen and the other ants .

And you ,my kids, you have to obey your elders because they love you and care about you too much.

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