The naughty antThe Old Husband and the Gold Coins

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Once upon a time, there were a couple of husband and wife. They lived together happily especially when they were gifted a child. The husband decided to travel to earn his living. He agreed with his wife to travel for 20 years. If he would be late a day after the 20 years, then his wife would be free to go and do what she wanted to do.

The old man traveled and began his journey leaving his wife and a one-month child. He arrived at a faraway state where he worked at a mill. The owner was pleased with him as the old man was working very hard.
Twenty years passed, and the old man decided to go back home as he promised his wife. The owner asked” could you stay another year, here?”, but the old man refused as he promised his wife to come back after exact twenty years. Then, the owner of the mill gave him three gold coins as a reward. On his way back to his village, three men followed him and one of them was very old.

The two men introduced themselves to the old man, but the third kept silent, and kept looking at birds and laughing. The old man asked “why is he laughing?”, and the two young men told him that this was their father and he could understand the language of birds and he could talk to them. The old man asked again “why is not he talking?”, and they told him that he did not talk unless he got money for each word he would talk. The old man talked to himself” I am poor. How could I give him a gold coin! But I have to give him to make him talk”, and the old man gave a gold coin to the old traveler. when the traveler took the coin, he said “Do not cross the stormy river”. The old man was amazed, and decided to give him a second coin to hear more from him. Seconds later, the traveler told the old man” when you find eagles swirling around something, go and watch what is happening”, and he also gave him the third to hear the las advice which was” do not do anything before you count till 25”.

The three travelers left, and the old man went back home. On his way back, he found a very stormy river, and he remembered the old traveler’s advice and did not cross this river and took another road. Suddenly, he saw three eagles swirling around three dead bodies. When he came closer, he found a gun and bag full of gold coins next to the bodies. He took them and walked towards home. When he arrived at his home’s yard, he found his wife sitting near the window talking and laughing with another man.

He got furious and swore to kill that unfaithful wife with the gun he found. Before shooting, he remembered the last advice and began to count. While counting, he heard his wife talking” Oh son your father has been away since you were one month old”. When the old man heard that, he shouted “oh my wife, oh my son, I am here. I am back”. The old man thanked God and the old traveler for his advice. Without these pieces of advice, the old man could have killed his wife and son.

This is one of the short stories that teach us not to be rushed and to think well before making decisions or doing anything.

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